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The Origins of Kustom Kraft initially started around 1978 as a 16 year old  Kid, I had seen 12″ album covers ( emmm Records they were Kool ) with Pictures of Elvis and Buddy Holly using Guitars with hand tooled leather cases on them and being a crap guitarist I decided I needed one, after loads of searching I found a guy who sold all the gear to do it…not in Texas but Oldham Lancashire. Neil Kershaw was a much older guy but was on my wave length and we would become good friends aswell as my tutor, needless to say when I told him what I wanted to make he just laughed and gave me a basic kit to make key rings and coasters! he sent me packing and told me to return when I had made them..this process went on for several months until I had mastered the art.

The first selling items were belts then it moved onto chopper seats and general customised products our market place was within the Biker and Rock N Roll scene around the Manchester area which I was involved in, this expanded when I started auto-jumbling selling British motorcycle parts and taking samples of leather work along where ever I went, the 1980’s were a boom time and business increased helped by bikes featured in magazines and at shows. the 1990s tailed off a bit due to the influx of after market products which made for easy access to customisation and change in trends but I still kept going with the custom from the true and traditional custom builders.

In more recent years the Ol Skool custom scene as come back with guys wanting a totally unique and one-off piece which as been helped by Biker Build off programmes etc.. the custom scene is as strong and probably stronger than it was in the 70’s when I was first inspired by the Belle Vue Custom Shows.
So if you want any customised items call in, see us and have a brew.

At Kustom Kraft we are keep customisation real and Ol Skool.

Many thanks to our past, present and future customers who keep it real for us.

In memory of Neil Kershaw fellow customiser, mentor and friend.

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