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Tattoo Tuesday – Kyle Phares Special

Tattoos are another massive part of the Kustom Kulture Lifestyle, So here is our love to everyone of you beautiful tattooed people.
Massive Thanks to everyone that Supports us and sends us in their pictures.

Today we have a Special feature on Kyle Phares, Massive thanks to Kyle for sending us this in. Here’s what he has to say:

My name is Kyle Phares I’m 31years old and I work full time as a maintenance tech at a private school in Hemet, California…

I love playing pool and good times with my mates, relaxing listening to music and also going to Irish/English pubs,European style and music relating from Celtic music to oi! Punk metal hardcore music… I love culture and festivals relating to it and classic cars tricked to modern lifted trucks, lowered cars and bagged trucks and cars…love tattoos and the art aspect of it and the lifestyle and the fact of being able to break away from what people think of people like us…

I’m kind respectful have manners and speak articulately so don’t think being covered in tattoos will make you less of an individual I love peoples reaction when they come up and ask questions and talk to me and realize I’m a normal person who speaks like an intelligent individual but is covered in ink!  

You can find Kyle at:

Facebook: Kyle Phares
Instagram: @irish_shenanigans

Contact us if you want to be featured next week, we will also do bios on heavily tattooed people and tattooists..
Email us on relicsnrust@gmail.com for information and for sending your pictures.


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